The 411

The other evening, I was going back through WordPress looking through the blogs I had written.  I realized that there was a common theme in all of them.

Me trying to find my voice.

For the past five years, or so, I have been trying to discover who I am and how to express myself.  I have struggled with addictions, been in love, fallen out of love, gotten divorced, gotten engaged, and yet through it all my voice has remained elusive.

I have written poetry, I have written prose, I have been a photographer, and I have been a photoartist.  I have compartmentalized my emotions as well as my creativity by creating separate blogs for each.  Yet, I have not found my voice in any of these compartments.

Then, I came across one pf my blogs “finding kirsten.”  As I read the old posts there from 2013, I saw brief glimpses of me…the real me.  So, I decided to make a fresh start with this new blog that pays homage to those flashes of the real me.

I have faith and hope that 2018 is going to be the year where I am “present” in each moment and that I will find my voice both artistically and in my everyday life.  No more compartmentalizing my emotions and my creativity.  I am choosing to be fully integrated on this blog.  All the shades of me in one place.

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